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Bands Seen More Than Once

This relates to something pleasingly odd which happened last week, but bear with me for the moment.

Right - Ikara Colt in Preston, 2004

Like you and most people, I've seen some music acts more than once. I don't go to concerts so much now. Gigs. But I'd never rule out further outings. The melancholy truth is that it's less a matter of age, than that most acts have a short shelf life. At least two acts I saw quite a bit of were very open about it, saying things like, 'People shouldn't be playing rock music after 30' (That, frankly, is nonsense) or 'Five years and that's it'. I did a list some time ago on my old website, and this is how it totted up, by the end of the 2000s, with a few extras achieved since.

Ikara Colt      9 times, 2003-2004The Raveonettes      5 times, 2003-2007Sahara Hotnights      4 times, 2003The Washdown      3 times, 2003Jeff Beck      2 times, a few years apartBitch Alert      2 times one summer (sort of responsible for the…