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Trying to Watch Women's Ice Hockey

Or, the frustrations of trying to follow the sport on the BBC
It's the Winter Olympics, and now is that brief window of time, once every four years, in which my favourite sport, women's ice hockey, makes an appearance on British television. You would think that, as technology advances, the provision of sport on BBC media, paid for by a hefty licence fee, would get better and better. Unfortunately, that isn't the case, and this morning has been a perfect case in point.

Right - From the IIHF web site, one of the very few pictures of the game which feature any Finnish players at all. They love the Canadians. Well, so do I, to be fair, but you can see that it's not only the BBC which treats everyone apart from the US and Canada as bit-part players.

No niin (as the Finns say). I love women's ice hockey, and going to see some has been a central preoccupation of visits to Finland for some years. I go to Finnish Saturday School and study the language, and naturally I would …