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This is a very physical film. Yes, I saw it in IMAX, as recommended by reviewers, hence why I used this poster image rather than the host of others you'll find on Google. It's been a while since I've had the IMAX experience, and it is special; and I'm glad that there seems to be a trend for 2D films to get the IMAX treatment, and not just 3D films. But extraordinary though the cinematography of Dunkirk is, that isn't what makes the biggest impact.

It's the sound. The score, I should say. Hans Zimmer is hugely instrumental in making this film what it is. It's odd to talk about the score, because there's very little music on it, but there it is, pinning you down and pummeling you. I actually began to feel a little sick; I could partly put that down to the early morning rise, hasty porridge, and walk down to the station to get to this showing; but there's no doubt that the physical power of the soundtrack was producing this state. And it never let up.…