This is a purely personal blog. I'll probably let some friends know about it, but I don't have any need for an audience, just enough of a sense that there might be one, to encourage me to write.

If you want to get a handle on what might come into view, here is a list of some of my 'things'.
  • Finland
  • Model making/craft work
  • Guitar based rock
  • Science fiction
  • Science and nature
  • Reading and writing
  • History
  • Small is beautiful politics
  • Great War aviation
  • Ice hockey
Blogspot is horribly easy to use, perhaps too easy. I came onto it because we needed a new website set up for the Finnish School. So I did that, and as it happened and to my increasing embarrassment, for a long while I was the only one posting on it. It's at manchesterfinns.blogspot.co.uk . Then, I decided that my model making and craft work should have some display space, and so mwminiaturework.blogspot.co.uk came into being. Now there's this, and maybe it's all getting out of hand. But I will stick with this. These two sites neatly and harmlessly provide all I need or want on the internet. Oh, and Facebook, I have to grudgingly admit, though I'm not sure the word 'harmless' applies there.


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